How to add an image to a floor plan

Organizers may want to upload event logos or other images to the floor plan. The only currently accepted image format for that is SVG. You can use "Upload SVG icon" button in the Designer to upload it. Not all SVG images would work though. The image should be a true SVG image that fits the requirements below. Most often this should be an image created from scratch in Adobe Illustrator┬«.  If you have converted a regular image into the SVG format - most likely it won't work. Bad SVG images would break a floor plan and it won't load. In this case please use "Version history" button in the Designer to restore to the previous version. Our team can convert your logo for around ~$300 - contact us if you want us to do it for you. 

Supported graphics elements

  • g
  • path
  • polygon
  • polyline
  • circle
  • ellipse


  • All texts should be converted to Outlines
Adobe illustrator text outline
Inkscape text to outline


  • All fill colors should be saved as inline style attributes
Adobe illustrator save options
  • External style classes are not supported
  • Only the solid colors are supported (no line and radial gradients, no clip paths)

Elements displayed only in the Designer

  • All stroke-* attributes
  • <line> tag

Unsupported elements

  • <use>, <define>, <svg> elements.

External icons

  • The most compartible icons can be found by this link

If you find difficult to make it yourself, we can re-draw your image for you for additional charge. 


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