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Choosing what’s right for you

Floor plan features. See the full list of our features for attendees, exhibitors, and organizers. 

Free package. See the features of our DIY package. 

"Maps only" package. All the features you need for your event attendees. 

"Maps and Exhibitors" package. Get the most out of your plan with online booth reservations and in-built sponsorship options. 

"Maps, Exhibitors and Payments" package. Get all of our features and collect online payments from exhibitors.

Floor plan design by ExpoFP. Learn about the "Floor plan drawn by ExpoFP" add-on.

Enhanced Design. See the list of our additional design services. 

3D view. See a stunning animated 3D version of your floor plan.

Area map. See our maps of the surrounding areas around your venue. 

Wayfinding. The easiest way for attendees to navigate around your show. 

Displaying floor plans on kiosks. Learn how to embed our interactive floor plans to the kiosks.

Blue dot QR wayfinding. The new exciting technology introduced by ExpoFP together with Crowd Connected. 

Change your subscription plan. How to upgrade, change or cancel your subscription.

Our partners. Looking for full event management? Take a look at our partners and get more event services (and our integrated floor plan).

Working with the Designer 

Designing a floor plan. See our designer tools to create a floor plan yourself. 

Advanced designer tools. See our advanced designer tools for a professional-looking plan.

Drawing the Wayfinding. Learn how to create wayfinding yourself.

Creating an L-shaped booth. Learn how to create irregular-shaped booths. 

How to change floor plan fonts. Use fonts associated with your brand on the floor plan.

Working with exhibitors 

Auto-login to Exhibitor Portal. Allow exhibitors to instantly get to their Exhibitor Portal.

Exhibitor categories. How to use exhibitor categories to sort companies by products or services.

Galleries & Videos in Exhibitor Profiles. Learn how to add galleries to profiles, allowing exhibitors to show images and feature their company or products.

Exhibitor tags. Learn how to use tags to keep track of your exhibitors.

Exhibitor import. How to import exhibitor data and assign them to booths.

Invoices in ExpoFP. How invoices are created and how to send them.

Action buttons. How to use action buttons in exhibitor profiles.

Sending emails via ExpoFP. Send emails to your exhibitors automatically and manually.

Before you go live

Setting booth prices. How to set booth prices so you could sell them.

On Hold. How to put your booths on hold to approve reservations.

Changing the floor plan language. How to show a floor plan in a different language to your attendees and prospective exhibitors.

Download a floor plan as a PDF. See how to print out your floor plan.

Using it like a pro

Online Reservation Options. See the difference between online reservations and online purchasing. 

Advanced booth reservation options. Settings to customize your reservation process.

Listing Levels. Provide a range of custom sponsorship levels for exhibitors.

Selling sponsorships and booth extras. How to sell other options along with the booths.

Collecting payments from exhibitors. How to collect payments for booths, sponsorships and extras through our platform.

Discounts. Offer your exhibitors promo codes, early bird or bulk discounts to purchase booths and sponsorships.

Making money with a floor plan. See how to increase your revenue with our in-built sponsorship options.

Featured listings. Show your sponsors at the top of a search list.

Logo in booth. Highlight your sponsors with their logos within the booth. 

Logo in header. Showcase your sponsors at the top of the floor plan. 

Integration options. See various options to integrate your floor plan into the website or the event app.

Exhibitor directory list. How to embed an exhibitor list into your website. 

Using iFrame. See how to adjust iFrame to suit your needs.

Managing your teammates. Give access to your teammates to help you work on your plan. 

Setting your mail server. Send your exhibitors emails from your own server. 

Using Google Analytics. Get stats on user behavior and see top searches from your plan. 

Integrating with Salesforce. Get exhibitor data from Salesforce via API. 

Zapier integration. Learn how to use Zapier to integrate with various apps to get exhibitor data.

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