How to change the floor plan language

You can change the language of your floor plan and the booth reservation page. However, you can not change the language of the organizer's Control Panel or Exhibitor Portal — these are always in English. 

Note that if user's browser language is different, it will be selected automatically. This may be useful in bi-lingual countries like Canada where you may want to set the default language for the floor plan to be English, but if the visitor's language is French, the floor plan would use French instead. 

To change the language, go to Event Settings from your dashboard, and select the language you want to use. 

You can also change the terms for booth, exhibitor and sponsorship.

The floor plan menu will use the selected language.

Available booths will display the “Buy” and “Reserve” buttons in the selected language, as well as size and price. 

The Buy and Reserve pages will be displayed in the selected language as well. 

Need a new language?

If a language you need is missing, just let us know. We will add it ourselves or provide you with a text file to translate. 

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