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Slavic B2Beauty 2024

Slavic B2Beauty® 2024 in Targi Kielce - Poland®

is a contracting show for the cosmetics and pharmaceutical industry. 

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Slavic B2Beauty 2024 3D floor plan

Targi Kielce - Poland
Slavic B2Beauty 2024 3D floor plan
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Targi Kielce - Poland Location

Targi Kielce St. Zakładowa 1, Kielce

Getting there / Parking / Directions / Transportation


Targi Kielce has a multi-storey car park and up to 2,500 parking spaces on the trade fair grounds.

Public Transportation

Targi Kielce can be accessed directly off the S7 and 74 roads. The nearest bus stop can be reached by buses 21 & 25. 

Targi Kielce - Poland upcoming events

Date Event Hall
April 13–14, 2024 DOM, OGRÓD i TY
April 17, 2024 NutkoSfera - CeZik dzieciom
April 23–25, 2024 POLSECURE
May 7–9, 2024 My TexStyle
May 21–24, 2024 PLASTPOL Ground Floor
June 7–9, 2024 Necroexpo
June 10–12, 2024 Sacroexpo
June 18–19, 2024 Slavic B2Beauty
June 22–23, 2024 MUBI DUB IT!
September 3–6, 2024 MSPO
September 24–26, 2024 ALUMINIUM & NONFERMET
September 24–26, 2024 CONTROL-TECH
September 24–26, 2024 HEAT TREATMENT
September 24–26, 2024 METAL
September 24–26, 2024 Recycling Expo
September 26–27, 2024 MKBR
October 4–5, 2024 #SEEME expo
October 16–18, 2024 HOL-EXPO
October 16–18, 2024 TRANSEXPO
November 6–7, 2024 Private Label Expo
November 16–17, 2024 Fishing Festival
April 8–10, 2025 EXPO-GAS E Expo Hall